Classification Product name
Additive Process Additives Additives to improve processability Release agent Internal release agent 3015
External release agent DW-2643W
Functional Additives Modifier Performance improvement additives Curing agent C-8(powder)
C-20(Anti-yellowing gelatinous)
C-19 A/B(Platinum)
Surface and Appearance Improvement Additives Pigment Color Pigment:DW series (solid)
Color Pigment : DWS series (liquid)
Primer Silica gel and metal primer DW-2
Silicone rubber adhesive primer DW-5
Ink Spray ink/Matte ink (Siliconecoating) DW-280A+B
PU Wear-resistant ink DW-2105
conductive ink DW-2104A
Printing ink DW-260 A+B
Other products Conductive pill Carbon Pill (黑粒,特殊黑粒),Oval Shape – Carbon Pill (中空黑粒)
Mold Accessories ( 模具 配件 ) SPRING( 彈簧 ) , GUIDE PIN( 銅套 ) , COPPER PIN( 銅 針 ) , LOCKER PIN